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Be Smart

We’ve been studying on making our stretch yarn as “green” as possible for years.

Finding natural elastomers, yet resistant, compostable yet durable.

No product with such characteristics has been developed yet till now which would give warranty of its durability along time.

Moreover, it would be a product which would have limits during recycling.

Our research moves across all the textile fields: exhibitions, meetings, word of mouth among customers and suppliers but what finally rewards mostly is our own way of thinking and what we are able to create racking our brains.

Our idea to overlook the problem starts from here.

We often bump into limits seeming insuperable walls without realizing that we can avoid them and go on.


Mere utopia?
BFlex yarns which belong to élin® family of products meet such demand.

The particular structure of such yarns creates natural elasticity on fabrics for knitwear or shuttle weaving (suitable to warp and weft).

Obviously elasticity cannot be compared to the elasticity deriving from traditional elastomers  but it completely meets the modern comfort requirements.

Moreover, the handle and the surface appearing on knitted swatch or fabric is fully innovative, “technical”, “fluid” and “unexpected” considering the material on which said technology is applied.

It can be applied on any material in any count. From the most beautiful to the ugliest ones  😉

Bflex yarn is the ideal ingredient for a Super Green recipe! Seeing is believing!

Above mentioned yarns can be bought or worked third party.

Elasten Srl Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020””

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