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Elasten meets any request of winded yarns with bare or covered elastomer.

The actual and established trend toward the stretch effect combined to a particular market situation brought our customers to try new items by testing their own stock articles.
As a result, they invented a new look and proposed two versions of the same item.
There’s no limit to the variety of articles that can be made through our technology. We offer our experience in order to study elasticity and torsions together and to get the final fabric surface you desire. Anti-pilling effect of yarns having nothing to do with corespun , crepe effects, gazed and mercerized effects given by twist direction:
these are only a few possibilities that we can put into practice.
We elasticize both continuous and discontinuous yarns.
We can elasticize yarns from nm 1/3 to nm 1/300, one or two plies, in some case even three. We have also the possibility to make double ply yarns, that is for ex.
Taking the single ply 60/2 yarn we double it achieving optimal cover for elastomer.
We work elastomer in any count, from 11 dtex to 920 dtex.
Any material can be elasticized: summer (linen, hemp, ramie’, cotton, viscose, silk, bamboo, jute ..), winter (wool and woolblends of any kind: open end, combed, carded ..), synthetic (nylon, polyester..), technical (kevlar,
cordura, zylon, dynema..).Any kind of spinning is right for our work: ring,
open end, carding, combing, chenille.
Elasten owns a big number of machines (the biggest in italy in this typology) which puts no limit to our production capacity.
Moreover, we own one specific machine for samples that we repeatedly use for testing new ideas and for small productions. Thus, you only need to send few cones to us and we will return them elasticized and steamed (if
necessary). We’ve been used to propose this service to italian and foreign companies for some time.
Elasten pursues constant research of big inventions, such as:
– elasticized linen, hemp and ramie’ yarns all covered by international patent code name: wo 2012/056436a2
– baktron 1300: smooth, ironed, spun dyed, elasticized polyester yarn available stock service in various shades of color, one of a kind.
Moreover, today our research has resulted like never before:
we managed to twist linen to the opposite direction, that is from “z” torsion to “s” torsion!!!
This proposal gives the possibility to produce completely balanced knitted fabrics.
The proof of the pudding!!!
…And you can have as many as you want!!!…Kgs of yarns on our machines 😉
elasten will always meet your needs!
Thanks for your attention.
Best regards,
Paolo & Giovanni Benelli

Elasten Srl Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020””

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