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Elasten meets any request of streched or simply spiraled yarns both for sale and third party work.

Mainly used are bare elastomers, covered or heat-wrapped, every kind of elastic/shrink-wrap newly conceived fiber which is first tested and subsequentially proposed to customer.

Every branch of activity is its branch: yarns for fashion, technical work fabrics as well as furnishing, footwear and car upholstery.

Elasten owns a big number of machines, the biggest equipment park in Europe of its kind, giving the possibility to produce whichever quantity.

Elasten works every typology of material with or without elastomer: Summer (linen, ramiè, hemp, cotton, viscose, silk..), Winter (wool and wool blends of any kind: combed, carded, open end), synthetic (nylon & polyester..), strictly technical (kevlar, cordura, zylon, dynema, high toughness fibers..).

Elasten pursues constant research of big discoveries:

  • elasticized Linen, Hemp, Ramiè all covered by International Patent
  • elasticized Paper, elasticized Manila Hemp, elasticized Abaca all covered by Patent
  • Baktron 1300: smooth, ironed, spun dyed, elasticized polyester yarn available stock service in various shades of color, one of a kind.

Versatility, adaptability, eclecticism, elasticity, Elasten.

And you can have as many as you want!!!… kgs of yarns on our machines 😉

Elasten will always meet your needs

Elasten Srl Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020””

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